Rich Sadiv

New Year, New Challenge


Many people start off the New Year with goals in mind. A lot of times those goals, resolutions or changes are fitness oriented. Here at TFW Fair Lawn, January brought four new members who took on our 30 Day Challenge. The participants in the 30 Day Challenge have been completing three workouts a week. Consisting of a lower body, circuit, and upper with a sprint day the workouts have been taxing but rewarding. Motivation and a spirit of team work is strong within this group.

It can be very easy to set a New Year’s resolution but the hard part is the follow through. Too often we find excuses not to make it to the gym. Whether it’s a rough day at work or evening plans, talking yourself out of taking care of yourself is problematic. People need to keep one thing in mind, and that is to make yourself, your health, and your happiness a primary priority. With just two weeks left in the 30 Day Challenge our four new members have done just that. With so much to be proud of we know the end results will be as strong as the finish.


Our goal at TFW Fair Lawn is to help people lose fat, build muscle and feel good. In two weeks when the 30 Day Challenge is over, we are sure every member will have accomplished this and more. The members will do their final Inbody test to compare their results from the start of the 30 Day Challenge to the end. This test will be the final proof of all the hard work each member has put in over the course of the challenge.




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