Rich Sadiv

TFWNJ Latest 8 Week Transformation Class Complete

Another 8 Week Transformation has ended.  We here at TFWNJ are as ever, proud of the progress and awed by the results. Most noteworthy, all the hard work and dedication of  the participants has paid off. While all had losses in both weight and inches some participants lost up to 15 lbs during the eight weeks! As exciting as the great results are, the greatest success is the continued commitment of our participants. Before leaving their last session a majority of the 8 Week Transformation members signed up to join our regular adult program!

The 8 Week Transformation program gradually prepares participants to join in with the regular adult Training for Warriors classes. It was certainly humbling and inspiring to see how many people wanted to continue on beyond the eight weeks. We wholeheartedly welcome our new Training for Warriors members.

As coaches it has always, above all,  been our goal to give our members an experience like no other. Consequently, the  work outs and support that people receive here are incomparable  Furthermore, the success of our participants and their continued motivation and dedication to TFWNJ is beyond inspiring.


Such a successful eight weeks it makes all of us at Training for Warriors excited to start the next 8 Week Transformation. Signing up for a program like the 8 Week Transformation can be a daunting and intimidating decision. Clients have expressed their doubts about their own strength and abilities. They are fearful that the workouts will be too strenuous and the competition to steep. Do not hesitate! This program truly is for everyone! People of all ages and abilities have come through this program and found success. Above all, full commitment and 100% effort ensure that failure is not an option. In conclusion, contact us today to learn more about our classes and programs including the 8 Week Transformation.




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