Rich Sadiv

8 week participants just completed week 3…

The summer session of Training for Warriors 8 Week Transformation program has kicked off! Warrior staff and Transformation alike are excited to contribute to another successful 8 week program. Over the past weekend current participants completed their orientation. During this information session the participants had the opportunity to meet their coaches, registered dietician and other support staff that will help them throughout the coming weeks.

Heather, our registered dietician had the opportunity to meet with everyone individually. During this time she was able to take their measurements and before photos so the participants can track their progress and see their successes. Heather also took time to access the dietary needs and lifestyles of all Transformers. Consequently, these building block conversations make it possible for Heather to offer her guidance and support as the challenge progresses.

While meeting with their coach Danielle, Transformers were able to get a good idea of how each session would run. On Mondays there will be a lower body work implementing trap bar deadlifts, squats, lunges, and round of push the prowler.  Wednesdays are total body days. On these days participants will rotate through a number of different stations where they can challenge themselves to reach as many reps as possible in an allotted time. On Friday these folks will end their workout week with upper body conditioning and sprint training. During this session the participants will rotate between running sprints on the track and utilizing the gym for upper body lifts and strength training..

The next 8 weeks will prove to be as challenging to our participants as they are rewarding. All we ask of our participants is full commitment to total body change. As coaches and support staff we consider is our job and our privilege to match that commitment. The 8 Week Transformation is not merely a diet and fitness regime. We Warriors, view the program as a leap forward in a life changing journey.




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