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The main goals at Training For Warriors Fair Lawn

The primary goals among coaches and clients at Training For Warriors Fair Lawn are to build muscle, lose fat and improve confidence. Our strategy and mantra is to treat and train everyone like an athlete. At the Fair Lawn facility we have some of the world’s best and most cutting edge training tools at our disposal. The centerpiece of our facility is the 6 lane 58 yard Mondo Olympic grade track. Sprinting is integral to our training program. The feeling of running on a surface meant for speed is nothing short of liberating. Our expansive turf area measures 35 yards by 20 yards and gets a lot of use during the lower body sessions where sled pushes and farmer’s walks are performed. In addition, the weight room has four squat racks, two benches, 2100 pounds of bumper plates and dumbbells ranging from 4 pounds to 140 pounds. Our facility also includes three Assault Bikes and three Concept 2 rowers. This equipment is heavily utilized during our Friday and Saturday energy circuits. For the uninitiated, we have provided a brief description of some of our most used and useful equipment.



One of the best performance treadmills on the market, this manual treadmill is great for reinforcing acceleration mechanics and also can be used as a sled push. The resistance of the treadmill is easily controlled by the push of a button. The resistance ranges from 0 – 150 pounds.


Reinforces acceleration mechanics and arm action


Great for sprinting at 100%, easy to use,  easy to read data display for measurement


  1. Sprints @ 8 mph
    Add resistance each set until 8 mph isn’t achieved.
  2. Sled push variation
    40 yards – add resistance each set



This piece has been around a while and is
making a comeback due to its anaerobic and aerobic capabilities. A great
way to work both the upper and lower body, the machine replicates the
physical experience of mountain climbing. Using both legs and arms to
simulate a very aggressive climb


Reinforces knee drive and proper foot positioning


Works both arms and legs simultaneously, ease of use , can be used both aerobically and anaerobic


  1. 100 feet as fast as possible for 3 sets – add resistance go for 15 seconds x 5



Most gyms have kettlebells but I’m not sure how many training facilities have 18 sets ranging from 4 KG – 48 KG. This range in weight, from 8.8 pounds to 105 pounds. allows for a great diversity in exercise choices. Swings, carries, walks etc are conducted in both the lower body sessions and circuit training classes.


Carries and walks are the exercise of choice for building core stability


Wide variety of weights allows for expansive exercise selections


  1. Over head walk
    20 yards down 20 yards back x 3 (4kg – 12kg)
  2. Single Arm Walk
    20 yards down change arms 20 yards back ( 14kg – 32kg)
  3. Farmer’s Walk
    25 yards down and back, 20 yards down and back ,15 yards down and back ( 20kg – 42kg)

To learn more about our equipment and fitness approach call to schedule a visit to our facility and take a class today!




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