Rich Sadiv

Old Dog, New Equipment

An open mind is essential when evaluating new or innovative training techniques. However, a fair amount of skepticism should be demonstrated as new fads and gimmicks abound in the exercise world. Being from the “old school” (I manually clapped blackboard erasers to clean them), I tend to be more of a cynic than an easy convert.  Chris Collins, one of my colleagues at Training For Warriors Fair Lawn recommended Elitefts Swiss bar.

Chris was convinced the Swiss bar would be a great addition to our arsenal of specialty training equipment. Furthermore, he listed all the great exercises that our younger athletes could do with the aid of the Swiss bar- raised push-ups, various grip benches, rows, etc. The list seemed endless. As I warmed to the idea he clinched the deal by suggesting we could implement the piece in our traditional training. Chris argued that the bar could be used to alleviate shoulder pain in coaches and clients. Going on 35+ years of benching with the aches and pains to prove it, that was music to my ears, and shoulders!

We have been using the Swiss bar at our Fair Lawn facility for more than a month and the response has been universally positive. The younger athletes love it as it allows them to do new and challenging bodyweight exercises. The more experienced Warriors enjoy the new variations that have been programmed into their bench workouts. In addition, my shoulders are forever thankful! Consequently, the palms facing grip allows me to overhead press, bench for speed and do tricep extensions pain free. Consider me converted!


Below is this week’s workout with the Swiss Bar implementation. Coming off of Fridays volume bonanza. Today was high intensity low volume.




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