8 week participants just completed week 3…

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You Can Teach An Old Dog New Tricks

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The Training for Warriors 8 Week Transformation participants have just completed week 3 and things couldn’t be going better. All of the participants are very different from one another but they all shared one common goal of wanting to live a healthier more active life. Despite differences in age, experience, or knowledge everyone is excelling in the program. All of the participants share an eagerness to learn more and work hard which is all they need to be successful in the 8 week program.

During the participants Monday session they work on the lower body. They always start this session by testing their strength on the trap bar deadlift. The trap bar is a great way for the participants to see how their strength has improved throughout the weeks. Although everyone may be lifting a different amount of weight the most important thing is that each individual is able to make improvements. The participants can typically be found ending their lower body session pushing the sled. Before beginning the sled the participants like to joke about their hate for it but they always leave happy they did it!

Most of the participants favorite session is the one they have on Wednesday. Wednesday is their total body day. On the total body day the participants have a circuit set up for them. During the circuit they rotate from station to station using things like the rowing machine, assault bikes, battle ropes, or performing medicine ball slams. This session definitely challenges them but each week they have taken that challenge head on.

To end the week on Friday they have an upper body and sprint session. All the participants find they have one thing in common during this session, no one has run sprints in years! Although some people may have some experience with long distance running most people whether they are 8 week participants or not probably haven’t run sprints in a long time but this isn’t an issue for the participants. The participants are eased into it running a few sprints at a slower pace and then gradually working their way up to full speed.

This has been a very successful start to the summer 8 Week Transformation program. Participants are already sharing stories of results they are noticing and at the end of week 4 they will have their mid-point check in with Heather the dietician. The participants are excited to see the progress they have made so far and are looking forward to 5 more challenging but fun weeks!